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Natural resource conflict

Before we continue to our conversation about the setting of the Natural Resource Conflict, it is basic to consider the meaning of two terms which are consistently a section at whatever point inconveniences and confusion may emerge. These two terms are Conflict and Security. As per (Kernerman Multi Lingual word reference), security implies â€Å"the condition, or making protected, secure, liberated from peril and so forth while strife is being characterized as something to come into impact or difference; be conflicting, at change or in resistance; conflict: a battle, fight, battle, esp. a delayed battle; conflict( unedited). This two make certain to go connected at the hip at whatever point inconvenience or in a bigger scope WAR arises.I- How and in what ways are clashes over normal assets more issues of advancement and political economy, instead of security, generally conceived?Natural Resource Conflict is one of the most perplexing issues that the world these days is standing up to. Some are settled through strategic way while others are as yet being challenged as of recently as a threatening showdown which hapless casualties are generally the blameless regular folks and youngsters also. Regular asset clashes are usually found in the landmass of Africa where as per a specific report in 1998 that 9 out of thirteen fight related clash on Natural Resources had happened (Scott Peg fall 2003).The most intelligent response to this inquiry is that they are imagined as something that must do with â€Å"weak states, to the expanded disintegration of limits and to open or undercover mediation from neighboring nations. There are a great deal of guides to be considered concerning this circumstance. One was the situation of Sierra Leone, when that nation was flipped around by the abominations of the gathering who considered themselves the Revolutionary United Front. This gathering whose brutality and boorishness was affirmed by the nearness of heaps of i ndividuals including kids whose appendages and arms were cut off from their bodies.R.U.F. during it primes period were utilizing the immense measure of precious stone stores in Sierra Leone with the goal for them to buy arms and ammo, that are vital in their battle against the Country’s Government.. What is intriguing about this was the powerlessness of the administration of Sierra Leone in capturing the significant characters of the gathering. Truth be told, what is very unexpected is that after the harmony understanding. The administration even let the R.U.F. to partake in the resulting political race. Rather than making them pay by sending them all to imprison, for all the torments and agony they have curved towards the people. In the event that the legislature of Sierra Leone is submitted and sufficient there is no motivation behind why they can’t do it. What happened is a minor impression of the shortcoming of the government.II-Internal and External Factors about the Natural Resource ConflictTalking about variables concerning the presence of Natural Resource Conflict, well, there are a ton to be considered such.First we need to examine about the 3 inside components. These are the:1. Authority2. Ideology3. PoliticsSpeaking of Authority it implies bureaucratic control and an arrangement of remunerations, which creates formal, however latent consensus. About belief system it tends to a feeling of crucial, which brings about formal yet detached consensus. Lastly is governmental issues (power Game) it contacts the aftereffect of transitory inside unions and solid connections with the outside individuals of influence. In respect to the outer elements there are the so called:1.â â Share holders2.â â Financiers3.â â Other people or gatherings of people having a stake in the conduct of the association, for example, ideological groups, worker's organizations, other formal and casual CSOs, influential people with monetary or ideological interests.We can refer to as model are the sovereign Countries of Angola and Sierra Leone during when they were all the while battling to determine their separate revolt issues. Both these administrations at the time were employing the administrations of Executive results, a private military organization. The reason for these was to check the progression of precious stones from these nations which as had been asserted were executed by guerillas so as to utilize the returns from this illicit exchange continuing their exertion of crushing the effectively surviving administration of the two nations. It’s called unlawful on the grounds that the administration had nothing to do with this exchange. De Beers, the world’s larges merchant of jewels was much under tension since a portion of its buys were originating from these areas.III-The ActorsWhenever strife emerges it can't be denied that there are a ton of associations who are prepared to share all their mastery only for f inishing up a specific clash. Regardless of whether they are government supported or not, it ought to be noticed that they’re here to help. One model for this was when Kuwait was attacked by Iraq. The United States along with the help of a few nations and under the total endorsement of the U.N. had the option to free Kuwait from the control of Iraq.IV- â â The elements of Neo-Liberal CapitalismThe elements of Neo-liberal private enterprise is an occasion that is enormously showed by the gigantic development of China, India and different nations which quite a long while back were all the while waddling along the apparently ceaseless soil of destitution and non-development. It is the benevolent which prompts the resurgence of this alleged globalization. It advances uncommon changes concerning the financial status of one’s nation and give plentiful open doors for nations to contribute from one nation to another.Naturally the more speculations made to a specific natio n, the more noteworthy the monetary development that the beneficiary of these ventures will understanding. Like for instance China. Its huge and amazing financial development began when it started the change encircled by the late Deng Xiao Ping. It opens China financially to outside investments.The coming about impact is how China is being dealt with these days, in Asia as well as all through the world. Be that as it may, development once in a while will prompt certain cynicism, similar to what happened to Japan in the twentieth century. As a result of its huge financial and mechanical development, it had to attack China and its neighboring nations. The purpose behind that was to deal with those nations assets so it can continue and keep up the fundamental materials for its enormous modern and financial sector.REFERENCES:Pegg, Scott. â€Å"Globalization and Natural Resource Confict-The New Strategic Environment.† 2003. Maritime War College Re view. 9 May 2007.

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Adult Health History and Examination Essay Sample free essay sample

Neurological System concerns. caput harms. happiness. eruptions. shivers. falling flat. deadness. prickling. inconvenience discourse creation. also, inconvenience get bringing down and so forth . medication ) : Neurologically JP is indispensable. Alert ox3 clear location without any instabilities. c/o concerns and energy once in a while. after starting in the am. She concedes being â€Å"little worried to family situations† and spinning relocations ( DAYS/NIGHTS ) . Recommended to look for EAP ( Employee Assistance Program ) at work Head and Neck ( harming. concerns. head/neck hurt. cervix harming. protuberances/growing. medical procedures on head/neck. prescriptions: LH has full ROM to make out and caput. shuts her eyes and ready to keep her weaponries and distributes without shaking. LH takes Motrin 800mg for concerns. Motrin ( isobutylphenyl propionic corrosive ) is a no steroidal mitigating drug ( NSAID ) . It works by cut bringing down endocrines that cause redness and ha rming in the natural structure. This clinical claim to fame may other than do genuine consequences for the stomach or guts. counting shed blooding or aperture ( shaping of an opening ) . These conditions can be lethal and can occur all of a sudden while you are taking Motrin. especially in more established adults. Nursing Drug Handbook ( 2013 ) Eyes ( oculus harming. obscured vision. history of crossed eyes. redness/growing in eyes. watering. breaking. injury/medical procedure to oculus. glaucoma demonstrating. vision preliminary. spectacless or contacts. meds: LH has nearsightedness and astigmia. She wears spectacless for correction and contact focal points for style. no familial history of glaucoma. keep going oculus test on Sept 12. without any employments. Ears ( otalgia or other ear harming. history of ear diseases. release from ears. history of medical procedure. inconvenience hearing. natural clamor introduction. unsteadiness. drugs: LH states â€Å"better than standard. † â€Å"I can’t see. be that as it may, I sure can hear† . Denies tinnutitis. or on the other hand being exposed to uproarious clamors. She has had no medical procedures o r contaminations. Nose. Mouth. what's more, Throat ( release. injuries or sores. harming. epistaxiss. shed blooding gums. sore pharynx. unfavorably susceptible responses. medical procedures. regular dental consideration. meds: LH joke physiological response basic. unwritten mucosa wet. tap indispensable. Teeth unblemished. pits noted on 2 back dentition. last dental test was Jan2012. with a pit filled. talked about the interest to floss more. she brushes day by day and after repasts. Reports visit rhinorrhea and rhinal clog. throughout the spring and summer. She self-treats this with over the adversarial Claritin-D 10/200mg LH feels that she has regular hypersensitive responses. she denies hypersensitivity demonstrating. LH areas â€Å"I do non require to be jabbed to cognize I have roughage fever† . Strengthened to LH the medication arrangement and symptoms of Claritin D. The decongestant in Claritin-D is Pseudoephedrine sulfate. which is the man-made salt of one of the obviously happening dextrorotatory. diastereomers of ephedrine. It is delegated a circuitous adrenergic aminoalkane. furthermore, is in the amphetamine classification. Nursing Drug Handbook ( 2013 ) The American Dental Association suggests that adults brush their dentitions multiple times a twenty-four hours. Research has indicated that contaminations in the oral pit might be related with chest sickness. shot. diabetes. pneumonia and different wellbeing employments that are regular in more established adults ( American Dental Association. 2012 ) Skin. Hair and Nails ( skin ailment. changes in shading. modifications in a mole. over the top waterlessness or wet. irritation. wounding. also, roseola or injuries. late male pattern baldness. modifying nails. natural risks/exposures. meds ) : LH has delicate. agile warm covering. LH has old skin break out checking over facial nation expressed â€Å"I had really terrible hickeies when I was more youthful and used to picked them. be that as it may, I have non had any issues in years† . LH other than has diminishing hair â€Å"I have had it for years† . Maternal History of Alopecia and diminishing hair. LH female parent began losing hair in teenagers. LH utilizes Rogaine cleanser multiple times a hebdomad. Ladies see increasingly emotional. limited hair diminishing. indeed, even a perceptible uncovered topographic point. This status is called male structure phalacrosis. or then again androgenous alopecia ( AGA ) . furthermore, it is the most well-known signifier of male pattern baldness in both work powers and grown-up females. It about ever happens on the top and sides of the caput or more the forehead. furthermore, may other than influence exorbitant hair developing on the face and different nations on the natural structure. despite the fact that the extent of disagreeableness is wide. WebMD. com. Rogaine widens blood vass in the scalp. which may better hair follicle outline invigorate hair developing. Rogaine is utilized to deal with male example phalacrosis in patients who are sing a little bit at a time diminishing hair on the highest point of the caput. Internet. drugs. com Breasts and Axilla ( harming or delicacy. balls. areola release. roseola. expanding. injury or hurt to bosom. mammography. bosom self-test. drugs ) : LH denies inserts. injury or hurt LH expressed â€Å"I would cherish saline inserts. I bosom took care of both of my children â€Å"She performs self-bosom tests in the shower month to month. also, her doctor test her yearly for her physical. Her last mammogram was April 2012. Mammogram is a low-portion x-beam trial of the chests to search for changes that are non ordinary. The outcomes are recorded on x-beam film or straight into a registering machine for a doctor called a radiotherapist to break down. Womenshealth. gov Peripheral Vascular and Lymphatic System ( leg harming. fits. what's more, skin modifications in weaponries or legs. expanding in legs or mo rtise joints. vain secretory organs. meds ) : LH considers that she does non hold leg fits or harming. yet, that she holds â€Å"varicose veins† . LH precludes use from claiming compaction hosiery. Elevate to use compaction hosiery. when standing and sitting for extensive stretches. Cardiovascular System ( chest harming or toughness. Wail. hack. growing of pess or guardianships. family unit history of heart sickness. tire simple. self-history of chest sickness. medications ) : LH precludes brevity from claiming breath. exhaustion or puffiness of members. LH has a maternal and fatherly history of hypertension. LH comprehends the branchings of familial history of high blood power per unit region. Denies chest harming. Hypertension happens when the blood power per unit zone. or on the other hand power of blood compelling against the blood vas dividers. gets unreasonably high and undergarments that way. It happens most as often as possible in African-Americans. The top figure. or then again systolic blood power per unit zone. happens when the chest siphons or agreements. The base figure. or on the other hand diastolic blood power p er unit zone. happens when the chest is resting or slacken uping. Most health experts concur that the upper extent of typical blood power per unit territory ought to be 130/80 or less. Internet. Place for Disease Control and Prevention. gov Thorax and Lungs ( hack. Wail. harming on motivation or end. chest harming with outer breath. history of lung infection. smoking history. living/working conditions that influence take a relaxing. last TB skin preliminary. grippe shooting. pneumococcal vaccinum. chest x-beam. prescriptions ) : LH denies COPD. asthma. bronchitis. No history of smoke. Last TB preliminary was October 2012 for occupation every year testing. Musculoskeletal System ( joint harming ; firmness ; expanding. heat. aggravation in explanations ; limitation of movement ; musculus harming or squeezing ; contortion of bone or enunciation ; mishaps or injury to castanetss ; back harming ; issue with action of everyday life. prescriptions ) : LH had a correct articulatio family arthroscopy on January 11. 2013. She has been meander aimlessly oning 3x hebdomadal for as long as 18 mature ages. The articulatio sort medical procedure was for typical wear and burst because of running on troublesome surfaces. LH has full perused just memory on left member. LH is by and by taking Nucynta 50mg for harming lightening. Tapentadol ( exchange names: Nucynta ) is a midway moving analgetic with a twofold way of activity as an agonist of the ?- narcotic receptor and as a norepinephrine re-take-up inhibitor. It is other than an agonist of the ?2 receptor. in spite of the fact th at the guide of this vagrant receptor stays questionable. While its analgetic activities have been contrasted with tramadol and oxycodone. its general authority is somewhere among tramadol and morphia in effectivity. It has narcotic and nonopioid action in an individual compound. Nursing Drug Handbook ( 2013 ) . Knee arthroscopy is a negligibly intrusive careful procedure in which an investigation and now and again intercession of mischief of within a joint is performed using an arthroscopy. a sort of endoscopy that is embedded into the joint through a little scratch. Arthroscopic processs can be performed either to gauge or to deal with numerous orthopedic conditions including gash drifting cartilage. gash surface cartilage. Leg tendon Reconstruction. what's more, paring harmed cartilage. Gastrointestinal System ( change in craving †expansion or misfortune ; inconvenience gulping ; supplements non endured ; stomach harming ; infection or emesis ; frequence of BM ; history of GI malady. ulcers. what's more, prescriptions ) : LH prevents any issues from claiming absorption ; she eats 2 full repasts day by day ( breakfast and supper ) and chomps between. to a great extent leafy foods. LH is 67 inches and 148 pound. Genitourinary System ( late modification. frequence. direness. nycturia. dysuria. polyuria. oliguria. aversion or stressing. pee shading. limited waterway. incontinency. history of urinary malady. harming in wing. inguen. suprapubic part or low back ) : LH denies any urinary frequence. dysuria or polyuria at this clasp. Physical Examination ( Comprehensive examination of every framework. Record discoveries. ) Neurological System ( trial of every one of the 12 cranial nervousnesss. engine and centripetal examinations ) : Luteinizing hormone can grin. grin and wink without tr

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The Grea Calamity essays

The Grea Calamity expositions The Great Fire of 1871 was one of the most epic calamities in American history. Overnight, the prospering city of Chicago was transformed into a seething no man's land. The harm was significant to such an extent that couple of individuals accepted the city would ever rise again. There had been little downpour that year, and different flames happened. In excess of 600 flames happened in 1870, and 27 in the main seven day stretch of October alone. Murphy 19-20) Most of these flames started in horse shelters in view of the profoundly combustible feed situated there. Lamps would be thumped over, and blazes would discover the feed making fire break out. The night of October 8, 1871 was strangely warm. There had been a solid breeze falling off the prairie throughout the day. Chicago had additionally been experiencing a dry season that made grasses, wood, and everything else in the city amazingly dry. (Murphy 13) These conditions were perfect for a fire. Little peopled know, that the breeze and dry spell were going to help decimate their grand city. In addition, Chicago in 1871 was a city prepared to consume. The city bragged having 59,500 structures, a significant number of them, for example, the town hall and the tribune fabricating huge and unpredictably enriched. The difficulty was that around 66% of every one of these structures were made totally of wood. Indeed, even the walkways and substantial boulevards were cleared with wooden squares. (Murphy 18-19) It was a Sunday evening, and a typical one for Catherine and Patrick O'Leary, which implies they had headed to sleep early on the grounds that they needed to stir promptly in the first part of the day for errands. Daniel Peg Leg Sullivan coincidentally was riding by the house numbered 137 on DeKoven Street at the time the blast broke out. As the eager flares licked the side of the instrument shed, Sullivan, in alarm, started to shout, Fire! Fire! (Murphy 14) All the neighbors were alarmed and the fire had their consideration as well, as the twirling wind drove the fire into their yards. The O'Leary's stayed sleeping until one cit... <!

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Information Security

Information Security An organization is a particular entity of people having a collective goal/purpose to be achieved over a targeted period of time. There are certain types of organizations that take various forms such as partnership business, individual, business or one which includes a hybrid organization. In that respect, a hybrid organization is one that operates both in public and private sectors at the same time. It incorporates voluntary associations, non-governmental organizations, among other types (Pieterse, Caniels, Homan, p. 818). What is common among all these types of organizations is they need to safeguard every piece of detail away from any unauthorized personnel. This practice of securing data, regardless of their form that may either be physical or electronic from individuals who are ineligible for its access is what is popularly termed as Information Security. In short form, it can be simply referred to as InfoSec. To that extent, InfoSec proves critical in the development confidence that will ensure that the management of functions of the business assures the stakeholders of the integrity of the data and processes that the firm carries out or operates. This paper will focus on matters information security based on a fictional company. Working as a consultant in a certain non-governmental organization based in the state of Illinois, there appears to be a need of safeguarding the intellectual property and data in this organization. Sandburg Youth Sports Association (SYSA) is the name of the organization where I work as the Information and Communication Technology consultant. My role consists of functions pertaining to ascertaining that the operations of the technological systems are smooth and functional. Moreover, I am meant to facilitate improvements as well as enhancement of process functions to ascertain the success of the operation of business functions. The company SYSA was founded in the year 1996 by one Mr. Timmy Christopher. I chose this specific entity because as a sportsman and having a deep interest in technology; it quenches my passion. At the same time, SYSA gives me the opportunity to give back to the community in terms of the skills I acquire through what I learn there. Description of the Organization Sandburg Youth Sports Association (SYSA) is one of the few non-governmental sports organizations in the United States whose central aim is to use sports and technology to broaden the socioeconomic gap in the community while also effecting enhanced use of technology as a weapon of change in the society. This organization serves mostly the youth in the state of Illinois but is not limited to this state alone, but is also open to the rest of the members of the surrounding publics and the United States as a whole. To that extent, SYSA is an organization that is dedicated to the development of the community through the championing of sports activities. In that esteem, the SYSA is an organization that empowers members of the community towards the achievement of their goals and aspirations. It is a sure way of ensuring that the community members are mobilized effectively to enhance their effective management of sports talents. For that reason, I am proud to be associated with SYSA especiall y based on the fact that I am tasked with the responsibility of handling its technical functions. The organization comprises mostly of volunteers who offer their time and services in return for knowledge and skills that they acquire from experts based on the firm. However, some sections of the organization comprise of fully employed personnel who play the most significant part in running the organization. In total, there is an estimate of about 20 highly qualified employees and another 30 volunteers, including myself, who are dedicated to ensuring that the operations of the business are successful. Together, the various individuals work alongside each other to facilitate the success of the initiatives put forward by the firm’s objectives. The company ensures that staff members work cohesively to meet the objectives of the organization effectively. In my capacity, I ensure that the technical systems are well maintained to ensure that the functionality is effective and that all technical processes are operational. Structure of the Organization SYSA is run by highly self-motivated individuals and operates on a Matrix management method whereby each department consists of two or three bosses who are well-trained experts and are assisted by other volunteers whose work is to ensure that everything runs in order as per the objectives of the organization (Galvin, p. 5). The SYSA headquarters located in Illinois is supported by ten other zones in the same state. Inside the gated headquarters, there are offices which facilitate the running of the organization at large. Other structures include a payable gym service which is open not only to the staff, but also to members of the community and a fully stocked and functional library. The main task handled by the Executive Director of this organization is to oversee all the day to day programs and offer directives whenever called upon to. Second to the Executive Director is the Human Resource Manager whose responsibility is to maintain and enhance human resource programs, policies, and practices. The other departments i.e. the Library and the Gym are manned by two overall managers who have volunteers under them to assist in their work. Regulatory requirements. In its aim of providing opportunities to the youth through sports and technology, SYSA is fully aware of the regulatory compliances they are supposed to adopt in its structure. The services and daily activities carried out within the SYSA headquarters are ISO certified and meet the International Standards. In the United States of America, any reported case of breaking the laws and regulations of the organization attracts a criminal or civil penalty. Risks. As stated above, the SYSA organization deals with various data mostly in the gym, the library and the other 10 zones involved. This data may be financed in terms of money payable in the gym or library fines, statistical data in the library or even the zonal information from the SYSA organization came into existence. With all this in mind, there is the need to protect and safeguard the physical and electronic information fed in the organization. Some of the potential risks facing the organization’s information may come through manipulation of the zone data in ones’ own selfish interest. One may also try to hack into the gym department’s system and edit their financial statements in their favor or even clear the debts illegally. Hence, there is a need to put measures in place to avoid and prevent any potential loss to the organization. Threats to Information Security may appear in many forms. The most common threat of all is cybercrime and software attacks. Sabotage and information extortion are also similar avenues of Information Insecurity. A few examples of software malfunctions are observed when the system is attacked by viruses, Trojan horses and phishing attacks, among others. With technology advancing in every dimension every passing day, it is common to hear of organizations’ systems being hacked and money laundering happening now and then. This requires every organization to step up to the task in order to combat these petty crimes which cause organizations millions of shillings. These threats, however, need to be mitigated by setting up countermeasures and safeguards so as to eliminate and block threats. Policies on the Deliverables In normal practice, every organization is mandated with the task of providing reasonable policies which will go a long way in ensuring that rules and regulations are followed to the letter, and any discrepancies in the stated laws are punishable. As the consultant of SYSA, I saw it appropriate to come up with a number of policies, according to law, whose aim is to ensure that the objectives of the organization are protected, and any case of unexpected incidences are tackled. The other influence of policy making is the ideology of the company where the values and beliefs of the organization are held in high esteem. It is hoped that any action contrary to the following stated policies is punishable according to law. Website Private Policy. This is a simple document that discloses how the visitor’s information will be used in the SYSA website. Members will access the gym services will be required to open a portal which they will use in registering their membership. All payments will be made through this site, and members will be made to know that the SYSA systems are fully encrypted. This is aimed to instill confidence in our website visitors and let them know that any information provided either in the gym or library services is secured and that the organization will be responsible for any eventualities. Privacy Policy. This is a legal statement/document which fulfills the legal duty that an organization is supposed to protect a client’s privacy. As the consultant employed by SYSA, I will make it clear to the visitors what the organization intends to do with the information they feed into our system. I would come up with a Protected Personal Data (PDD) which will include electronic data or any hard copy information of members. In this Privacy Policy, I would let the customers know that they should report any suspicious incidents about their confidential data to the relevant authority. When it comes to their financial information, I will install the Kali Linux software which guarantees security for information so that customers will not have to worry about their finances. Breach Notification Policy. In the case of any breach of zonal information, clients’ financial information or interferences with records in the library, SYSA will investigate and notify the individuals affected by any information security breaches. The system of the organization will be updated to the extent that any tampering of the system can be detected and an amicable solution generated before any major damage happens. The Executive Director must be notified with immediate effect any news of breaching through the appropriate channels so that action can be taken. This Breach Notification Policy is aimed to ensure that stored Protected Personal Data (PDD) is not lost, stolen or in any way compromised. In the unseen event that the PDD is interfered with, the policy would recommend immediate disclosure until the issue is resolved. Moreover, major incidents of breaching such as that of Personal Identity Information (PII) are treated exclusively and may attract heavier penalties . The state government will also be notified of this breach, especially when the financial information of the members is in question. Since prevention is better than cure, I would install a Compliance Software on all the systems in the organization. When this software is implemented, it will help the organization manage its compliance data in a more simplified and efficient way (Johnson, p. 311). Incident Response Policy. In the incident that the security of SYSA has been compromised/ breached, the following Incident Response Policy will be put into effect. After reporting the breaching incident to the state government, an abrupt investigation will be carried out on the potential customers affected. The main aim is to manage the situation in a way that ensures the damage is limited at the same time minimizing the recovery time and any costs whatsoever. Computers affected and infected with unwanted malware should be scanned, and the issue put on notice to all the customers. Any security incident will be handled with immense care based on the severity of the damage. Disaster Recovery Policy. There may be lapses in the security systems of SYSA. In the case of the system infrastructure failure, an initial risk assessment will be performed to evaluate any possible vulnerabilities. The company personnel are put in charge of the ICT department will set up facilities to ensure backup storage of data. I would also open cloud storage of data on the internet so that in the event of system failure, there is always a backup mechanism available. The organization will be entirely responsible for any losses of financial and other belongings of customers and will work hand in hand with the Insurance Companies to compensate the affected victims. Outsourcing will also be considered as a viable option in the management of these threats that affect the software on the organization’s system. The organization will do everything possible so that the recovery time is minimized so that the operations of the firm return to normality as soon as possible. This poli cy which has a repeated lifecycle is aimed to provide a systematic plan to manage, implement, maintain and recover any lost resources and data. Information Security Policy. In a bid to come up with an InfoSec policy, I would create one which protects confidential information about the clients’ details to avoid any possible harm. The organization is in no sole position to secure all information belonging to clients; therefore, SYSA will work in togetherness with the customers and ensure they are familiar with current relevant policies and state regulations. SYSA will make sure to provide a very secure database system and a comfortable work environment for the employed staff, volunteers, and all the other authorized personnel. For SYSA to deliver quality services to their customers, it will make sure all users understand what is required of them in the bid of protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information they provide to the organization. SYSA will also respond to feedback as soon as possible and always improve on the possible areas of system lapses. Risk assessment is a crucial part of Information Security policy as it seeks to research on the vulnerable parts of an organization where information may be handled inappropriately. The process of risk management includes identification and estimation of the value of assets in the organization. Evaluate the potential impact that each thread will have to the assets and data of the organization. Finally, accept the risk and put up control measures to control and mitigate the risks. Terms of Use of Agreement or otherwise stated rules that one must abide by so as to use services used by an organization, in this case, SYSA. I would advise every member of the community to read this document carefully before putting pen to paper. This piece of information acts as a disclaimer such that one knows the rules and conditions to be followed through (Simitian, p. 1018). In the SYSA system, I would put an age limit of 18years since they are considered adults and would be entirely responsible for any actions. Every member should be responsible for their login details. If one does not accept the terms and conditions stated on the website of SYSA, they will not be eligible to receive the services offered by the organization. These Terms of use will be further deployed by use of the clickwrap agreement so that the user will first agree to the terms and conditions of the Sandburg Youth Sports Association before accessing the services. This acts as a manifestation of the agreeme nt. All that Information Security seeks to achieve is to preserve confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the customers’ information at the same time preventing unauthorized access to information entrusted to the organization by the client.

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Should Physician Assisted Suicide be Legalized - 1343 Words

Physician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legalized? Should people have the right to kill themselves if they’re on the verge of dying? People are allowed to kill themselves in everyday life, so why can’t a person who knows that there is no way he will be able recover from his illness choose to end his life on his own terms? Many people don’t support and agree with assisted suicide. Even though many people don’t believe in physician assisted suicide, there are people suffering when they shouldn’t have too. A person who is terminally ill should have the right to choose to die if they choose. Being suicidal is just as much as a sickness as the flu. Both might need medicine to help get better as well as seeking professional help to take care of†¦show more content†¦The government has many different positions about how they feel about assisted suicide. Many people are in favor of this measure, however many people disagree. The government has many la ws in the world, but does not have the right to choose to make a life changing decision for someone. Lord Falconer of former Lord Chancellor, introduced a assisted dying bill. Government shouldn’t have any say if someone wants to take their own life. Norman Lamb said to the government that â€Å"We should not stand in the way of people who wish to end their life providing that regulation are put in place.† For instance a man named Tony Nicklinson was suffering from ‘locked-in’ syndrome which followed a stroke. Tony was told in 2012 by a judge that he couldn’t end his life with the help of a doctor. After the trial Nicklinson passed away six days later after refusing to eat food, said he had been condemned by the law to a life of increasing indignity and misery. No one should have sit there and suffer through pain each and every day, people should get to choose what they want to do with their own well being. Dr. Kevorkian is a very well known man wh o helped over a dozen of people with assisted suicide. He challenged social taboos about disease and dying while defying prosecutors as well as the courts. Dr. kevorkian has spent eight years in prison for second degree murderShow MoreRelatedPhysician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legalized1487 Words   |  6 Pagesthat physician assisted suicide should be legalized in the case of a chronic illness, where the patient must take a large amount of drugs to heal themselves and or to subdue pain, and where the patient is living a life that is less fulfilling, or diluted, from their life before. Physician assisted suicide can be to patients who are suffering and wish to end their life, with the help of a physician so the patient could feel more comfortable or safer. As mentioned in class, physician assisted suicideRead MorePhysician Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legalized905 Words   |  4 PagesPhysician-assisted suicide is when a terminally ill patient requested a physician to facilitat e the patient death by providing the necessary lethal dose of a drug which enables the patient to perform the life-ending act. Provided that, Physician assisted suicide has been part of the debate about improving end-of-life care for terminally ill patients for decades. As a result, physician assisted suicide may be viewed morally wrong by some people, but morally permissible by another. Even though, physicianRead MoreShould Physician Assisted Suicide Be Legalized?1426 Words   |  6 PagesPhysician assisted suicide is also known as assisted suicide. It is a very controversial procedure. It is not favored by many. However, in present day society is little bit inclined towards assisted suicide. There is ongoing debate on the legalization of assisted suicide. The main reason to oppose of assisted suicide is the fear of mistreatment of the patient, abuse of power and so on. In contrary, many see assisted suicide as a way to decrease pain in the end of life. Read MorePhysician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legalized1181 Words   |  5 Pagesenduring the pain because it would be illegal to kill you. A survey taken in the United States has shown that 54% agree to physician assisted suicide or euthanasia. Euthanasia preserves rights of an individual, brings an end to the pain, and provides death with dignity. Even though others may disagree and say that its religiously incorrect, physician assisted suicide should be legalized. In the United States, we have certain human rights and that includes the right to choose to end our lives. UnderRead MorePhysician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legalized943 Words   |  4 Pagesto commit suicide, but his mom resuscitated him both times. Therefore, Danny decided to starve himself to end his suffering once and for all (Grimminck). People such as Danny, cancer, and ALS patients, who are battling terminal illnesses, deserve the right to choose when enough is enough. Physician assisted suicide should be legalized because it’s the compassionate thing to do, people deserve autonomy and because it is a better alternative. People may argue that physician assisted suicide is wrongRead MorePhysician Assisted Suicide Should Be Legalized2000 Words   |  8 PagesIs it appropriate for an individual to end their life through physician-assisted suicide in developed countries, specifically in the United States? Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is the voluntary termination of one’s own life by the administration of a lethal substance with the direct or indirect assistance of a physician. The assistance of a physician for a terminally ill patient to commit their own suicide, has been a much debated topic in developed countries. It is a much bigger topic in developedRead MorePhysician Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legalized1194 Words   |  5 Pagessubject of legalizing physician-assisted suicide is hotly debated these days. There have been many high profile cases including Dr. Jack Kevorkian in the 90’s to the young Oregonian Brittany Maynard who ended her life just this year. Physician-assisted suicide is currently legal in Oregon, Washington, and Montana. However, even where legal, it is unethical for medical professionals to engage in assisting patients to end their lives. There are many good alternatives to physician-assisted death availableRead MorePhysician Assisted Sui cide Should Not Be Legalized2412 Words   |  10 Pagesmonths. Physician-assisted suicide should not be legalized because not only is it unethical overall, but it leads to a slippery slope regarding normalized euthanasia, and power wrongfully resting in the hands of someone else to decide another person’s time of death. It is understandable that one person can go through sufficient amounts of serious pain that they would consider death. There are not a great amount of options one can take, but one in particular is physician-assisted suicide. AccordingRead MorePhysician Assisted Suicide Should Not Be Legalized1763 Words   |  8 PagesPhysician assisted suicide is legal but it is always subject to change. How does this make you feel? Do you agree with this choice or not? There are only 4 states in the U.S. that makes this legal. Oregon, Montana, Washington, and Vermont are the only states that have made this legal in the U.S. People are actually putting their lives into someone else’s hand who mind you gets paid for what they are doing. They are letting someone who is getting paid to do what they are doing decide if theyRead MoreEuthanasia/Physician Assisted Suicide Should Not be Legalized1343 Words   |  6 Pagesforget how euthanasia murdered that beloved man, my grandfather. Euthana sia/Physician assisted suicide should not be legalized in the United States. The definition of murder is â€Å"killing intentionally and with premeditation†, how is euthanasia any different? (Miller) Not only is it morally wrong, but logically and ethically as well. Human life is not anyone’s to take and destroying it is devaluing a gift given to us. â€Å"Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death among Americans† and making it lawful would

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Applied Behavioral Analysis Essay - 1447 Words

Every single day is a struggle for an autistic child and his or her family. Autism affects all aspects of a child’s life from their ability to show affection to their family to being able to do simple tasks such as communicating and thinking in ways that we take for granted. Autism is defined as a developmental disability in which children experience abnormalities in social functioning, language, often act in puzzling ways, and usually appears before the age of three (Mash Wolfe, 2010). Although the exact causes of autism are unknown there does seem to be a strong genetic component. Having a child or family member with autism is a constant battle of emotion and frustration. Everyone wants to help the people they love when they have†¦show more content†¦Since Skinner’s time there has been much research done and many new techniques made in ABA especially in regards of teaching people how to increase behaviors associated with learning and decreasing those that ma y inhibit learning. These new techniques have been used to help successfully treat or improve the lives of several people with various degrees and types of disabilities and learning disorders. These techniques have been adapted from being used exclusively on adults and modified for children. These techniques can be formally initiated, meaning that they are done in a classroom or a behavioral analysts’ office, or they can be taught to parents or caretakers and are often used to develop skills such as learning theory of mind, eye contact, social skills, and other necessary skills (Renna, 2004). Children with autism have difficulties understanding social models and so many of them have difficulties acquiring social skills while children with health development normally gain social and appropriate behavior by observing a model (Mash Wolfe, 2010). If a child with autism is able to acquire social and adaptive skills they still need to learn how to generalize correct behaviors to different situations and tend to need consistent practice in maintaining those skills. To an autistic child generalization can be extremely difficult to break down and understand. Because of this ABA isShow MoreRelatedApplied Behavioral Analysis Essay1320 Words   |  6 PagesUnit 6 – Case Study Applied Behavioral Analysis II – PS365-01 Kaplan University August 13, 2012 Behavior modification is field within psychology that specializes in identifying relationships between a specific behavior and environmental events as well as creating and instituting procedures that help individuals to change a particular behavior. When behavior analysts conduct research they use research designs that help them to identify whether a change in the targeted behavior or dependentRead MoreHow Shaping Is An Applied Behavioral Analysis Technique1510 Words   |  7 PagesShaping is an applied behavioral analysis technique that can be used to teach new behavior or elicit a desired target behavioral response in both human and nonhuman animals. Defined as a systematic process of reinforcing successive approximations to a target behavior, shaping is especially useful for behaviors that are difficult to learn by instruction, imitation, and verbal or physical cues (Alberto and Troutman, 2013, p. 294). The general rules of shaping dictate that behavior must occur priorRead M oreApplied Behavioral Analysis and Case Studies Bobby, Jackie, and Emma1712 Words   |  7 Pages Applied Behavioral Analysis and Case Studies Bobby, Jackie, and Emma Joshua Stewart Kaplan University PS360- Unit 4 Assignment Prof. Chrystal Ayala June 15, 2015 â€Æ' Applied Behavioral Analysis and Case Studies Bobby, Jackie, and Emma Applied Behavioral Analysis is a natural science that aims to systematically apply intervention processes using the behavior learning theory in order to remove or change undesirable socially significant behaviors (Cooper, Heron, Heward, 2007). Applied behavioralRead MoreApplied Behavioral Analysis993 Words   |  4 PagesApplied Behavioral Analysis Applied Behavioral Analysis Introduction Behavior Analysis emphasizes on the values and principles that explain the process of learning through the development of human beings. Behavior analysis represents scientific approach that understands behavior within the context of occurrence. One of the principles of how learning occurs is positive reinforcement. In the process of implementing reward after behavior, there is a possibility of repetition of the action in theRead MoreApplied Behavioral Analysis Quiz 4797 Words   |  4 PagesHeather Geier Quiz 4 1. a. Behavioral Excess Ââ€" behaviors that need to be reduced because they occur to frequently i. Ex screaming, self stimulatory behaviors, spitting, running around b. Behavioral Deficits Ââ€" behaviors that occur too infrequently or not at all. These behaviors are important or useful to the person i. Ex not paying attention to lessons, not participating in social situations, not finishing class/homework c. Behavioral Inappropriateness Ââ€" behaviors that are not necessarilyRead MoreThe Seven Dimensions Of Aba1206 Words   |  5 PagesThe Seven Dimensions of ABA Applied to Individuals with ASD The hallmarks of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) involve marked deficits in social interaction as well as engagement in repetitive behaviors and language difficulties (Leblanc, Richardson, Warnie, 2005). Although autism can have a profound impact on the capabilities and functioning of the individual, emerging research indicates that applied behavioral analysis (ABA) can be an effective tool for addressing many of the deficits that childrenRead MoreGraduate Admissions Committee : Behavioral Analysis752 Words   |  4 PagesGraduate Admissions Committee, I am applying to your master’s program in Criminal Justice / Applied Behavioral Analysis, to begin in March 2016. Since earning my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Fordham University, I have been employed as a Therapeutic Support Specialist, with Pathways of Pennsylvania, and I am also a Corrections Officer, with the Department of Justice, Bureau of Prisons. I have had an interest in criminal justice since I was in the seventh grade. Growing up in the neighborhoodRead MoreA School Based Functional Behavioral Assessments890 Words   |  4 Pagescan create lessons around, and the school counselor/psychologist do as well. Conducting Functional Behavioral Assessments for students with behavioral problems and disabilities are useful. Mark Steege and T. Steuart Watson wrote a workbook that discusses the ins and outs of those assessments. The workbook this review is about is the second edition and titled Conducting School-Based Functional Behavioral Assessments. The book does exactly that, it breaks down what FBA’s are and how to conduct them inRead MoreDefinition Of Applied Behavior Analysis Essay1554 Words   |  7 Pagesresearch understanding and treatment of those diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). There are many avenues of treatment for ASD, but one method that has received significant attention is applied behavior analysis (ABA). The goal of this research article is to explore the definition of applied behavior analysis, its development over time, and its application to real life. Some questions that will be explored are when and where did ABA originate, how has it developed over time, and what researchersRead MoreApplied Behavior Analysis ( Aba )1500 Words   |  6 PagesApplied Behavior Analysis Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is one of the most misunderstood methods of reinforcement. ABA also is referred to as ‘behavior modification’, which is the main contributor of the negative connotation with this method. ABA is the application of behavioral learning principles to change behavior (Woolfolk 256). Applied Behavior Analysis can be very successful in the classroom if done correctly. However, to begin this, one must study a student to decide what reinforcers will

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Human Rights free essay sample

On June 11, 1776 Thomas Jefferson was in charge of a committee of five brilliant men who introduced the Declaration of Independence to the world. This was a very important message to all people because it was document trying to abolish slavery and the wrong doings of society. Also the Declaration of Independence was given to the Second Continental Congress to approve the work that had been done to support changes that occurred mostly in the Southern States. But Jefferson was highly upset because they made changes to the document without consulting him. No matter if a person is a different race, religion, or have a different political view they still should be treated equal as anyone else. Living in today’s society there is a variety of discrimination that goes on with people or things that we feel are different. We are so judgmental on things or situations that we are not use to, or more like the variety of changes within other cultures. We will write a custom essay sample on Human Rights or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page I think that every citizen in the world should be able to vote, have an education, also should be able to choose their own occupation, and also should have the rights to freedom of speech, and religion. Being able to vote changes the choices of many people opportunities in life. It also allows people to express their feelings about the way things are being done in the world. It is very important for everyone to have a basic education. Having a good education takes you a long ways in life; it also opens doors for people to have successful lives. Also having a good occupation determines how you function or maintain in life. But most importantly it helps prepare you for growth in the future. I personally feel that freedom of speech, religion is the two most important human rights that we have because it defines a variety of options in life. Having the right to freedom of speech gives many people confidence with themselves to say what they feel is true. Also having the freedom of religion gives many people the opportunity to value and practice their beliefs and customs. I t also gives them much hope and joy to practice their traditions of religion. The reasons why I have chosen these topics to be the most human rights are because they are issues that concern many people. I truly think that everyone should be able to participate in anything that makes them proud. Being human comes with many instructions but it is up to us to set standards for ourselves, also to believe in what we think is right. Also having rights to live by gives us discipline and guidance towards what we want to approve or accomplish. In conclusion, to everything that I mentioned in the passage having rights is a very serious and important privilege to have. Being able to have rights is a challenge for some people because they use there power in ways that they should not. But I think that everyone should try to come with a solution to enforce the rights and guidelines so that we can have a dedicated and leading world to live in just by the changes that they make themselves. In order to make these rights impact on other people lives we the people have to come together to make a difference within the world. Human Rights free essay sample This paper is an analysis of human rights violations. This paper is an analysis of human rights violations. The author gives some examples of how and why human rights violations tend to occur and examines how it effects society. To understand the conditions in which a human rights violation would not occur we must first address what a human rights violation is and its function in societies. In class we discussed the idea of first, second, and third generation rights. The first generation rights encompass political and civil rights. Economic and social rights are explained in the second-generation rights. Development and self-determination are covered in the third generation of rights. All three generations outline a humans inherently given rights according to where they are born and the culture that they stem. These rights are supposed to be guaranteed by the governments in which they live under. However, there are times in history when those rights have been purposefully violated in order to benefit another group of the society. We will write a custom essay sample on Human Rights or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page When this happens it is said that a human rights violation has occurred. In short, one groups rights being sacrificed for another groups rights.